Fork In The Road

Fork In The Road

Dear Followers,

I am sorry to inform you but I have decided to take a break from poetry. Some of you may realize that the last time I posted a poem was, in fact, a year ago. I need time to find myself in a society filled with individuals knowing exactly what they want to pursue. I am one of the few who have not chosen a career path. I cling to my passion of creating a world where words make a difference, mocked by those who refuse to encourage me. I am torn between choosing a path which will undoubtedly grant me a steady payroll in the future (denying me the right to simply write for a living) or one which will help me become a young adult author with less than fifty percent of actually “making it”. I have certainly reached a fork in the road.

                                                                                                                          Until We Meet Again,

Ambitious Poet




Eclectic dreams blazoned across the splattered horizon of coral and cerulean

Inspired to accomplish aspirations; to tug free of the label pasted inept 

The fueled fire persevered, trailed by an acute throb 

For whom do we fight if only to prove ourselves wrong 

Fear is not failure but failure can be fear 

Negligent disappointments lurked in shadows basked by moonlight 

Pessimistic whispers roved the bare fissures 

Resolute; the ambitions irradiated under surges of hindrance

Pain is only transitory

Domestic Frictions Don’t End Well

        The rough waves undulated under the stormy sky and with every crash, a thin streak of foamy froth cast a memory on shore

Splintered rain spewed wooden chips and broken bottle remnants from disputes, too often, taken place outdoors

Precarious drops of crimson proceeded to stain deeper into the grits, washed over with warm salty tears

An ominous howl of smothered silent screams wailed against the chilled wind, from it, a chanted quarrel strung its tune

Trees rustled in despair of the plagued past, their roots shriveled and damaged by constant reiteration of harmful abuse

Coppered sleet tore into mellow rocks and delicate fronds, the only vestige of brutality lay scattered in pieces of soft velvet

Thick clouds filled with a pungent stench of acidic smog floated with treacherous precision, its deceitful movements threatened to burst

Lean branches quivered like thin limbs and broke against the tenacious gale, shrunken seeds, too young for life, tasted death

Intertwining of Souls

             A half-empty mug toppled on an edge of free fall          (M)

   Its content brimmed dangerously over a steamed incentive      (A)

                      Pointed shards chipped away, infiltrated by dullness                (R)

                   Each single piece a unanimous compromise                        (R)

                Weighted down with congealed liquid it formed a subtle unity     ( I )

       The assuaged scent quarreled, contrasted through acidic affinity      (A)

        A checkered tablecloth underneath the mirage danced          (G)

                  It stringed anxiety across rooted expressions          (E)

Silence uplifted into a perpetual ambiance in a wispy pigmented cloud

Twice the cultured colors merged into a complicated history, unraveled through difference


Ask Me Although I’d Rather Not Tell

Guilt engulfed me whole;

buckets and buckets of one emotion washed over

No tears or silent screams could describe the internal quarrel

brought by a careless action

Burdened thoughts weighted my shoulders;

they grew heavier with every step

Selfishness soon wiggled itself into the cramped quarter

its prolonged presence unable to ignore

Questions and doubts arose in a sullen wave

never quite settled

I had no one else but myself to blame;

my roved path unknown

The darkness of the night reflected residues from footsteps

taken one too many times

Midnight came and went

my state unquelled

I sought mercy

and something better I received


for my heinous deed

Munificent Greed

Cold black tendrils snaked its way into the heart,

nestling near the beating organ with placate

Wisps of treachery and deception eroded its nostrils

illusioning those it wished

Playing coy, it whispered sardonically into the ears of its enemy,

undulating emotions with prestidigitation

It pulled down a clouding curtain between lust and love,

driving the man insane to the point he lost himself

Wanting more and more,

never getting enough

Articulately trapping its corpulent prey

it wrapped its cadaverous fingers around the throat,

squeezing ever so gently

Emphasizing the intense desire to want and take

wrenching vociferously at the wavering soul

it disposed of its poison

Deadly liquid poured effervescently into the rushing viens,

spreading with every breath inhaled

Agony and pain soon followed

Until pure consciousness capitulated into the bosoming greed

Blog of the Year 2013!

It still hasn’t been a full year since I started blogging so imagine my surprise when a beloved blogger, missamanthajill, nominated me for the blog of the year 2013!! It’s hard to believe how far my blog has come in the last several months and the abundance of blogs and bloggers I’ve cordially met. It’s amazing and even more so, remarkable. Why remarkable, because never in a million years would I have thought that my blog would be noticed by anyone but those close to me! So thank you! Thank you every reader, blogger, and viewer out there for giving my blog a chance! Because I would not be where I am if not for you guys!

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