Intertwining of Souls

             A half-empty mug toppled on an edge of free fall          (M)

   Its content brimmed dangerously over a steamed incentive      (A)

                      Pointed shards chipped away, infiltrated by dullness                (R)

                   Each single piece a unanimous compromise                        (R)

                Weighted down with congealed liquid it formed a subtle unity     ( I )

       The assuaged scent quarreled, contrasted through acidic affinity      (A)

        A checkered tablecloth underneath the mirage danced          (G)

                  It stringed anxiety across rooted expressions          (E)

Silence uplifted into a perpetual ambiance in a wispy pigmented cloud

Twice the cultured colors merged into a complicated history, unraveled through difference



Creativity Demands Freedom of Thought

They lie, behind expressions, built upon layers of bricks

but truth is something you know exists

Broaden your mind and let your creativity flow

Subjugate the incompetence to learn

for knowledge and not for power

You are what you are and nothing can change you

Being a person is enough to believe what you want and not what you see

Piercing words can shatter hearts, but it can also heal what time can’t:

The ability to think

Because without it, everyone will undoubtedly sink