A Vicious Cycle

Destiny made, people died, and Death still feared
Some strangle, some fallen, and some even speared
There’s no end to this cycle, there’s no end to dying
Many crying, many screaming, yet none smiling
Hearts broken, families shattered, and still it never ends
Minds boggled, minds played with, there’s ever so few who can tell
Cancer attacks, disease spread; these are all things people dread
Thousands born, millions dead, hundreds alive
Disasters caused, assaults done, the leaders arrive
Guns fired, knives thrown, murder’s gone by
Bodies laid out, bodies stacked high
Oceans turn red, people slain, and governors shot
Some are buried, and some are left to rot
The world has changed, bombs are shelled, and nothing is left to be mended
People can’t be trusted, and so the guns are befriended
Wealth, fortune, greed, and money have taken control
The present is over, the past is behind, and the future is gone through a hole


Thoughts Are Always Appreciated =)

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