Blind Love Broken Trust

He had deceived her with soft touches and caress, being ever so gentle

He became her lover, respectful and humble

Till the day they got married

‘O that wretched custom where she is conveyed in his arms being carried

He took her innocence that immaculate night and marked her

Branding what he thought was his and made her suffer

Her pillow was soaked with profuse tears

But he was merciless to her cries and she was frightened by his behavior; queer

Never had he laid a hand on a woman and never had she thought would he ever do so

He belted her and indulged in her agonizing cries with sick pleasure

He vented his temper and pushed her to an extreme measure

The masculine arms meant for her security were  nothing more than betrayal to her

And she soon became a cutter

Drawing her pain onto her arms and legs watching the blood drip down in abhorrence

She longed for someone and looked outwards for reassurance

Prisoner in the place she dared to call a house

‘O the nerve of the man she called a spouse

Submissive, she let it be

For she couldn’t imagine a life without someone, being so independantly


It ripped her apart when it was him who threw her out instead, beaten and bloody on a street

She learned to start afresh but a part of her heart stayed discrete

I’ll always protect you, those were the words he had passionately spoken

He lied and left her broken.

                           -Abuse is not Love


6 thoughts on “Blind Love Broken Trust

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