A Cancerous Journey to the End – Holding on to Love’s Last Song

A throaty chuckle bounces off the enclosed walls and she beams-knowing she was the reason behind his pensive smile

The jubilant atmosphere lingers a moment or two longer before diminishing back to its ruminative subtrosphere and she furrows her brows at his tensed body language

Tear smudges become evident on his cheeks and she reaches out to touch the soft flesh in between the pad of her thumb and forefinger

Thin paper clothing barely covering her scarred body, crumple in response to her movements, and she keenly watches as he reluctantly moves in to her delicate stroking

She sympathetically flashes him an expression between pain and happiness, quickly disguising the internal conflict she, too, felt

Suddenly, vigorous coughs spill blood onto her illusent hospital dress but he can only watch helplessly while she dabs at the pervading rogue inkling down her purplish lips

He eventually begins crying in anguish, seeing the love of his life struggle mentally with a fatal disease- a cancer of sorts

The coughing soon seize and she rests her dizzying head onto the chalky pillow behind her, muttering incoherent sentences

She later gestures for him to cover the distance between them and he complies, sitting next to her slender frame on the small bed while crystal pearls slip down his stubby chin

She gently whispers into his ear soothingly and he holds her close to his chest, afraid of ever letting her go

Gradually, he tenderly kisses her smooth head and sings a sweet melody the two had once strung up together

His soft-tempered voice calms her anxieties and she melts into the song, allowing the even pitch to ring mildly through her eardrums

After the last note, her milky chocolate eyes flutter shut under the reflecting moonlight and he pecks her cheek for a very last time


8 thoughts on “A Cancerous Journey to the End – Holding on to Love’s Last Song

  1. Awesome to see you posting some new work! I like this cliffhanger-feeling writing. This is almost a short story, not just a poem ^^

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