Empowered by Despair

A frosty breath of death closely hovers overhead

while the fireplace does little to provide warmth for her trembling bones

 Sinking feverishly into the leather couch,

she vigorously wraps her frail fingers around the porcelain mug as daunting matters press her mind

Slowly stirring the frothy liquid in tarrying perturbation,

she contemplates the macabre consequences of the violaceous poison

To die or not to die

Tentatively raising her feeble arms,

she brings the mug to her bottom lips slightly shivering in anxiety

A whiff of the strong bittersweet aroma permeates through her nostrils,

sending her nerves into more of a jumbling coil

Riveting her eyes onto the flickering flames,

she takes a sip, spilling precious drops down her chin

The taste is foreign and as it dribbles to the back of her throat,

death gives her the lightest of his kiss

Succumbing her into an eternal sleep


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