My Life Experiences

I am an author of my own life and a highly ambitious writer. I started writing at a young age and enjoyed the feeling of penciling down my feelings in my own personal diary. I was home schooled throughout middle school and found out about an online young writers’ program by Nanowrimo from a Home Educator magazine. It immediately got me interested and I signed up, getting started.

Nanowrimo encouraged me to write my own fictional story in the month of November and it took a lot of effort and determination. In the end, it was all worth it. I was proud of myself and it amazed me that I had it in myself to write everyday, even if it was taking couple hours aside to write. At eleven years old, I wrote my first novella and got it self-published a year later from Create Space, with the help of my parents. I got quick reads and people bought it online, but then I thought, why not try to accomplish something bigger? That’s how I went on and wrote my second book. Throughout homeschooling, I became more flexible with time and balanced my usual studies, chores, social life, and travel sports, with writing.

My way to truly express myself as I got older, I soon learned, was through writing poetry. So more than descriptive writing and simply writing stories, I gained a passion for free verse. Edgar Allan Poe became my favorite poet and The Raven was my ‘new’ favorite poem. When writing poetry as a kid, I had to be careful not to use more than couple hundred words. Hence my habit of keeping a huge thesaurus under my bed and having easy access to the dictionary. It wasn’t all that bad, considering my use of SAT words in stories and writing shot up.

Now, I’m an at-home student doing online college courses, all the while trying to improve my writing. I’m also looking for a college to attend and Brown Univ. is somewhere near my radar of colleges. Through word press, I hope to gain constructive feedback on my poetry for the 30-day poetry challenge and other pieces of writing.

-Writing is nothing but rewriting


11 thoughts on “My Life Experiences

  1. Well done you! And well done doing NaNoWriMo. I have done it twice now and have exceeded the word count by a long way. It is great to focus like that in such a short period of time. Will you be doing it this year? I want to but I am not sure I have time. I love your blog, lovely reading it and I shall pop back soon. I have been away so only just seen your visit to my author blog. Thanks so much for popping in and do come back soon and leave me a comment; nice to know your thoughts. 🙂

    • Thank you! And I couldn’t agree with you more about NaNoWrimo. It truly is a great challenge and I hope to do it this year as well. I just need to fit it in my tight schedule seeing that November is a very busy month for me and I’m sure it is for others too. Thanks again for your kind and appreciative words! (p.s I can’t wait to see more of your posts now that you’re back 🙂

      • Oh thanks so much I look forward to what you do for NaNoWriMo if you can do it. I have not given it any thought so it will come upon me just when I least need the pressure, like you. Still, I am sure we shall manage it. Happy days 🙂

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