Resilient Patriot Soaring High

Soaring Patriot

Soaring Patriot

A beauty with wings and beady eyes flying higher than Everest

It’s ego soaring with every flap as it gains momentum

Sharp mustard beak contradicts its soft feathers

Gorgeous svelte body helps it ascend

Vain and pride

Shooting past upwind and clouds it defiantly flies

Symbolizing independence and rebelliousness

Gazing stars, skimming horizons, winging past

The only thing its known, freedom

The ground and the sky, its haven and its home

Dashing between trees and uphills, it roams

Its destination, America, where it’ll stand tall with its head high

Superiority replaces inferiority

Although emptiness and poverty becomes unknown

The eagle, preys, altering justice to a meaningful word, with a right and a wrong

It contumaciously delivers blow after blow to its meal staring at nothing more than gore

Dignity consumes its peachy mind once the threat is gone

Grimly, it lives on


Thoughts Are Always Appreciated =)

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