Sunshine Award

An amazing blogger, Kristen, has nominated me for the Sunshine Award!

                                                                                                      OOh Yeah!!! *Victory Dance* 

Okay, before I start off with the rules, I’d like to let my nominees know that over my short period of time as a blogger I’ve been inspired and touched by your personal blogs. So, thank you all, for being my source of inspiration!


     Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog

Link to the person who nominated you

Answer 10 questions about yourself

                                                                                                            Nominate 10 bloggers

Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they have been nominated

(Ladies and Gentlemen)*Drum Rolls, Please* My Nominees are:











Questions I must answer

  • What without fail always makes you laugh? My friend’s ironic sense of humor
  • What is your favorite adaptation of a book to a movie? My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult 
  • Why did you start your blog? When napowrimo suggested that I list a blog for the 30-day poetry challenge, tagging them
  • What moment did you realize you enjoyed your job or that you were good at your job? The day I did extremely well on my project 
  • Do you have any poem committed to memory? If so, what is it? Blind Love Broken Trust, is a poem committed to the memory of the harsh life my aunt is living through every day
  • What song defines your life? Teenage Dream 🙂 
  • What is your first memory? Hugging my parents
  • What color comes to mind right now? Gray :(only cuz it’s raining outside )
  • Do you people that we all have a bigger purpose? If so, what do you think yours is? My bigger purpose in life, I think, is to become a better person at heart and mind 
  • What time of day do you like to write? At night, after a hot steaming shower. (For some reason, it calms me down enough to think.)

8 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. Awesome! Congrats on your nomination and for nominating me!
    I just recently received this award so I am going to wait a week of 2 to complete it ok?
    I will give you a shout out on my blog for the nomination.
    Continued success with your blog.

  2. Wow, thank you so much. And well done on your own nomination also. Your list is interesting and I will have a look at those I don’t already follow tomorrow. I appreciate you adding my name there 🙂

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