Gladiatrix: Left Forsaken But Resilient Still


Her tears of pain so seldomly evoked

With every sob and every cry

a pearly white drop slips by

How can she be so beautiful

ever more when she’s upset?

Being berated so often, it only adds to the pressuring list

Strong, belligerent, yet somehow tender

She soaks in the abhorrent words

they so carelessly spat

They were doltish to her cataclysmic past

but she audaciously stood her ground, unwaveringly

disintegrating only from within

She fled to her haven and slowly broke down

A tear, then two, gradually so many you couldn’t count

Soft then loud, a rhythmic sensation

The hate tormented her and she felt despised

Even alone, she couldn’t flee the bitter words

Her heart throbs and aches for friendship,

for love.

Both her past never received

They were cruel but she forgave them

They were unloyal but she gave them trust

They, lacked compassion and that was all she had

And in the end, they left her broken, disgusted and spiteful

They were bullies and she was a victim.


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