Neglected Generation

A sentiment feeling of forlorn overwhelmed the old couple while they sat rocking in a chair outside, gazing at the surrounding nursing homes

The empty spurious promises and carping threats made by their own kin, managed to sadden them all the more

Belabored in their ripe age, the husband and wife silently watched the effect of the new season take place with a keen sense of melancholy

With every fluttering of a leaf before it fell to the sodden earth, with every sway after the wind battered the tree, a deep pang struck both their hearts – where once they felt compassion regret devoured

They knew, soon enough, they too would shrivel into ashes drifting off into the cusp of repudiation finally meeting what their souls coveted- solace

But for now- they would wait, breathing in the pervading stench of soiled linens, holding on to their dignity

All the while, a glimmer of hope lay, beneath the couple’s scourged affection – that maybe the prolonged absence would be filled and that their children hadn’t forgotten them after all


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