Fork In The Road

Fork In The Road

Dear Followers,

I am sorry to inform you but I have decided to take a break from poetry. Some of you may realize that the last time I posted a poem was, in fact, a year ago. I need time to find myself in a society filled with individuals knowing exactly what they want to pursue. I am one of the few who have not chosen a career path. I cling to my passion of creating a world where words make a difference, mocked by those who refuse to encourage me. I am torn between choosing a path which will undoubtedly grant me a steady payroll in the future (denying me the right to simply write for a living) or one which will help me become a young adult author with less than fifty percent of actually “making it”. I have certainly reached a fork in the road.

                                                                                                                          Until We Meet Again,

Ambitious Poet