Varying Opinions

Fascinating news rarely reached the two legged humans but when it did, more frequently than not, it was published in the Daily Gazette the very next morning. Now, not everyone knows why “modern” Romeo and Juliet became so popular, when the original paper book had to be enforced upon students to read by their teachers, but it did. So, rewind to the days where Shakespeare deemed glory and modern Romeo and Juliet were stacked in every bookshelf of the bookstore. You all know how young people crave the latest and the most odd romances, ergo it was no surprise when the beloved title, Romeo and Juliet, went out of its glory days. Nonetheless, something needed to replace the emptiness on the bare, wooden shelves and that’s when the store owners unveiled the next-in-line book, Twilight. Either, the reading skill of the most recent generations dropped, drastically, or we needed something steamier- something that wasn’t so predictable- to rid of  the originality Shakespeare created.  Sadly, Twilight allured subtle attraction to young teens and that was something Shakespeare could no longer do. He could not satisfy the minds of those who were infatuated with a sparkling vampire who managed to look both- macho and well, sparkly!

I won’t lie. Yes, I too, have read Twilight and might have found the book entertaining, but I have my many doubts. Plus, I believe that other great authors should be allowed some of the spotlight as well.


Thoughts Are Always Appreciated =)

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